Blair Campbell wrote:

> I just compiled p7zip with DJGPP with VERY minor changes to the source

Version 4.30 _beta_. Could you port a _stable_ version too? :-)

> code (pertaining to symlinks mostly) and I've tested it and it works
> perfectly.  I used libpthread.a from somewhere on the DJGPP ftp sites

I only tested it in Windows 2000, but it works here too. *G*

> and libsocket.a (watt-32) to make it compile without problems.

Um, but why does a compressor require libsocket.a? ;-)

> The port should be on in a little bit

Maybe you could add your personal DJGPP distribution to the downloads
area, so other people can start porting too. :-) Or at least describe
what modules/packages you use.

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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