10-Фев-2006 10:19 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Robert Riebisch) wrote to

>> I just compiled p7zip with DJGPP with VERY minor changes to the source
RR> Version 4.30 _beta_. Could you port a _stable_ version too? :-)

     Latest stable 4.32, latest - 4.33 beta.

RR> Maybe you could add your personal DJGPP distribution to the downloads
RR> area, so other people can start porting too. :-) Or at least describe
RR> what modules/packages you use.

     Why not contact with Igor Pavlov, to make link to ported edition from
7-zip home site? And, BTW, if someone will success with contacting, resend
from me information, that there is bugs in 7-zip plugin for FAR - I myself
can't connect with Igor.

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