On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 16:44:52 +0100 (MET), you wrote:

Hi Eric,

>> Because nowadays hard disk is HUGE, can you consider kernel
>> automatically asjust the terms in "MB" or "GB"?
>DIR already does that. But it jumps from bytes to MB, as far
>as I remember. Or even to GB? You should just try it :-). If
>the jumps are too big (for example if you would prefer to see
>3000 kB instead of 3 MB), let us know...

Why the KB is missing?

Just trying to be logic, from smallest to biggest (we may have TB next
few year, but now up to GB should be enough).

It's confuse to see "7561 KB", maybe "7.6 MB" more "sense" and improve


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