Hi Johnson:

Great!  Yes, FAT32 partitions need to be defragmented first.
I thought that was in there.  I just checked...I guess if
you are not running XP, you don't have XP's disk defragmenter!

NTFS partitions (default for XP) do NOT require
defragmentation.  Thanks for the note about /dev/sda.  Was
this a SCSI hard disk?

The default for an IDE hard drive is /dev/hda.

Glad this worked.  Now, that wasn't TOO hard, was it?  :-)

I've asked the gparted guys to add the feature to set the
partition ID, which would eliminate the "fdisk" steps.
I hope they will get around to it.

BTW, Linux "fdisk" is very powerful, stable, and quite
useful! :-)  It is much more powerful than the DOS


Johnson Lam wrote:
Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for your work!!

I've got some time yesterday and successfully "dual booted" my office

Meet a problem when accessing "dev/hda", and I suddenly found that my
office PC have no ATA hard disk, the device should be "dev/sda", you
can add a note to your document.

Also Gparted will report error when the hard disk fragmented, I got a
free WinNT/2K/XP defrag tool from the following website:


Too bad DOS defrag still not working under FAT32.


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