Robert Ralston wrote:

But with kernel 1.1.35w Build 2035w-unstable from the 1440 ODIN distribution, everything works with a laptop *if and only if* there is a floppy drive present. If there is a floppy drive either in a bay or connected via USB, then the FreeDOS partition boots normally. However, if that floppy drive is missing, then we consistently get the message, after FreeDOS starts to load:

"Error in the DJ mechanism. IO error: cyclinder > 1023. Bad or missing Command Interpreter. Enter the full shell command line: /P /E:256."

There was a recent fix to the unstable kernel to better support floppyless systems. If possible please try a current 2035w from and let me know if that makes a difference. Note: -W is the development [UNSTABLE] kernel branch (more features but less tested). There are also builds of updated stable (release branch in cvs but not versioned releases) kernels here as well you may wish to try.

At first I thought maybe there is something wrong in the MBR. Used


What distribution had kernel 1.1.34 on it?
Is that distribution still available?

I don't recall, probably original Beta9 or Beta8; all distributions from Alpha5 are still available so yes it is available; however, it sounds like all you need is the kernel, so I would recommended instead of downloading the whole distribution to check the FreeDOS sourceforge site and just download the kernel directly (easiest way to get a particular released kernel).

Any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong. I'm not a DOS expert by any means.

sounds like you hit a kernel bug, testing to see if it is fixed in current kernels would be of great help

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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