At 08:20 PM 3/14/2006 +0000, Gerry Hickman wrote:
My own issue is that I can create a stick which either boots as a big floppy (A: via USB-ZIP) or a hard drive (C: via USB-HDD), but I can't seem to switch back and forth between the two types after I'm done.

I'm not sure what you mean, but in general you have to decide if you're using floppy emulation or hard-disk emulation; it doesn't make sense (to me) that they can be interchangeable? It's a bit like El-Torito vs CD-ROM A: drive emulation - two different things...

I mean that I can make the stick work under one or the other boot types, but not switch back. It's some sort of low-level formatting or partitioning issue. I switched two sticks from their original ability to boot as USB-ZIP A: to USB-HDD C: while I was working with them, but I can't get them back into USB-ZIP boot support now. Reformatting and/or FDISK partitioning doesn't do it. The two boot types are mutually exclusive, either the stick boots one way or the other. And right now, that way is USB-HDD as C:. I have one USB-ZIP A: booting stick left, but it's my original with a lot of debugging and development files on it and I don't want to lose the one working A: boot as a sacrifice to testing.

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