Hi Friends
I am new to Freedos, first I wish to make a bootfloppy, since I am blind I
want to see if I will be able to use my screenreader program, it does work
from msdos 2 - dos7..
The freedos file I have is about 20meg in size and there is a lot of talk of

'gui' that I do not need, what should I use to make a bootfloppy just for a
test please.  The computer I use for dos7 is a pentium 120mhz only a hard
 drive and not cdrom drive, the files I have has been taken from a cdrom,
using a 'backpack' external drive connected to the paralel port.
The dates are mostly 2004 and one 2005.
I did look for a 'makefloppy' file but did not see one.

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