Hi everyone,

HIMEM64 3.11 [Apr 09 2004] has worked solidly for us across many
machines. We thought we'd try the latest version, HIMEM64 3.12
[09/11/2005] but it consistently is freezing on us, especially on thinkpads.

Booting from a CD, with a 2.88MB boot image, we get this:

FreeDOS HIMEM 64 3.12 ...
Interface : XMS 3.00 80386 4G
HIMEM - BIOS A20 method used
Kernel: allocated 41 Diskbuffers = 21812 Bytes in HMA

... and then it freezes. strangely, I get the same message and freeze
point even with /VERBOSE on.

I also tried  it with /NOABOVE16 /X /X2MAX32 in case it was some strange
large memory problem.

Anyone have any ideas?




Andrew Greenberg - [EMAIL PROTECTED] - 503.788.1343

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