I ve got the same errors with freedos beta 9SR2

invalid opcodes
messages and the installation stopped

I have build a new freedos bootdisk, from my collected files.
I have bought a 400 Mhz PC. Installation of FreeDOS
with Emm386  2.08 , Kernel 2035b-csv  works without any
problems.  It s an AMD K6 .

Than i ve tested it with my Pentium II 432Mhz 2GB SCSI
256 MB RAM  System.

the way i have found with Pentium II and special chipsets!
is to use fdxxms and not himem and emm386 but umbpci .
The installation with emm386 in Version 2.02 works fine, it s not the new kernel
but emm386 and arachne makes problems to show png and jpg images
the system crashes..
I don t know how to use himem and  emm386 on this PC!
With fdxxms and umbpci there is no problem . Everything works fine.
UMBPCI tells an INTEL 440LX/EX chipset and seems to be required.
There are other Chipsets UMBPCI provides.
I don t know if emm386 provides this in any way.
I think it s EMM version 2.04 on the freedos beta9 SR2, but i don t know how it makes
the harddisk bootable after format .
The freedos beta9 sr2 installer could not install freedos on this pc!
A bootdisk or odin with a new himem and emm is not able to install freedos for this pc. After sys c: the system freeze, kernel is not written. Without himem and emm it works for the same system. With new emm386 in config.sys of the pc, opcode errors occurs and system stops.
R.E.Dick , http://ankreuzen.de

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