Eric Auer wrote:

Hi, that sounds like the virtual boot diskette which you use
is not bootable. How did you create it?

I created it the same way like I created the fdbootcd.iso

dd if=/dev/zero of=fdboot-new.img bs=1K count=650
mkfs.ext3 fdboot-new.img (maybe this is the mistake?)
mount -o loop fdboot-new.img x/
cp mynew.exe x/
mkisofs -R -J -o fdboot-new.iso x/ (here the bootloader option is missing I think)
umount x

When does the error
message show up, as far as I understand after isolinux does
activate properly? Is the memdisk init message shown?

Yes, isolinux and memdisk are coming up fine.

Did you
try the other boot menu items?

Not yet, but the other items just try to boot from floppy or harddisk.


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