Hello g17,

let me tell you that:

1) If you're really interested on the graphical representation, the section 
sign (§) is available on all codepages (or even if you don't use any 
codepage at all) under <Alt>21, because ASCII #21 is related to the control 
character <Ctrl>+<U> and is visually represented by the section sign; 
besides, if you don't use any codepage at all, you'll find "ß" on codepoint 
225. If you're forced to enter a password before giving the opportunity for 
FreeDOS to prepare and select any codepage, this is for you.

2) If you're still interested on the graphical representation but you're 
looking for "§" on the extended-ASCII area (codepoints in the range 128~255) 
AND you're looking for "ß" on codepoint 225, than the codepage is relevant; 
in that case, you should notice that:

   2.1) Codepages 437, 737, 808, 848, 849, 851, 855, 860, 861, 865, 866, 
872, 1117, 1118, 1119, 1125 and 1131 either:
          2.1.1) Do not provide "§" or
          2.1.2) Do not provide "ß" or
          2.1.3) Do not provide "ß" on codepoint 225 or
          2.1.4) Do not provide both.
   So, skip them.

   2.2) Codepages 775, 850, 852, 853, 857, 858, 859, 869 and 1116 provide 
"§" on codepoint 245 and "ß" on codepoint 225, as expected by you.
   I advise you to try them. It's important to notice, however, that not all 
those codepages are compatible with all keyboards and I don't know which 
keyboard you're using. You'll receive error messages as you try to prepare 
and select codepages which are incompatible with your keyboard.

   2.3) Codepage 863 provides "ß" on codepoint 225 and "§" on codepoint 143.
   If you're using a canadian-french keyboard, that could do fine for you.

I just mentioned 27 out of all 86 codepages for FreeDOS. If the codepage 
you're using is not listed on the cases above, please let me know.


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| What codepage/keyboard layout are you using to type? I think the program
| would validate the ASCII code you are inserting those values, regardless
| of the signs you see in the screen.
| Aitor
| g17 (sent by Nabble.com) escribió:
| > hello
| > i need the special signs "ß" and "§" for freedos, because i have to type
| > in a password. I can make the "ß" with [alt]225[alt] and the § should be
| > the [alt]245[alt], but the ascii code for the § doesn't work.
| > please help me i have to type in that  "§", and its very important to 
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