Hi, Howard explained the problem in more detail...

MENU [1] Load XMSdriver   [2] SafeMode   [3] Ask me (default)  [4] HIMEM+EMM386

the default is "Ask me", it is selected after only 2 seconds,
and it is broken. The "safe mode" just brings you to a prompt,
where you can install manually. Both "HIMEM" and "HIMEM and EMM386"
mode work okay.
... so it looks like "Ask me" loads neither himem nor emm386.
I think it would then end up asking whether you want to devload
fdxms286 at a later moment, in one of the more complex batch
files on the cdrom. If CHOICE is not in the path then this would
not work out (it would end up in an endless loop, showing some
messages). But of course this is just guessing.

A simple fix would be to change the menudefault in the main
(probably on the 360k diskette image on the iso) config sys
file from 3,2 to 1,15 - more delay, and making "only himem"
the default. Devloading xms drivers later is evil.

Unfortunately I think nobody will edit the iso at the moment,
even though the change is easy :-(. If anybody does edit the
iso, I would recommend to comment out nlsfunc / display / chcp
related lines: Those are not always stable yet (chcp requires
nlsfunc, but using display without nlsfunc seems to be okay
stability-wise: one can just use mode to interface with display
directly, no nlsfunc needed for that).


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