Good morning, sir:

It is easy to create a CD which boots from a floppy disk image file,
using the same basic technique that Linux uses to boot its kernels.
The key programs to do it this way are mkisofs, to create the
bootable CD file system, and isolinux to boot the Floppy Disk

I wrote up a pretty detailed procedure on doing this which
is available at

I would welcome any comments.  Setting up the first one is a bit
tricky, but it gets easier.  This is written to create the CD
from Windows.


N. Sivin wrote:
This is a simpleminded question, but I have spent a couple of hours trying to puzzle an answer out of the materials on the FreeDOS site--where it may be hidden among the jargon.

I have downloaded the ISO, but I don't want to install FreeDOS on my hard disk. What I want to do is install it on a bootable CD so that I can try its capabilities out before deciding what to do with it. For instance, Linux offers several bootable CD images that one can use to run any computer under the OS without affecting the computer's installation in any way. How can I do that with FreeDOS? I'd be grateful for a jargon-free answer (I know DOS, by the way.)


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