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>"PG,  version 1.01 - 1.13  2005  Enhanced by BAHCL
>I assumed that BAHCL was a contributor to the programming of this  utility 

Yes, exactly.
>And of course only the programmer knows what changes to make in the  file to 
>alter its current settings ????

No, he provide the source code, you need to study it of course.
But if you know how to program (I remember he code with C), it should
not be very difficult to change.
>.exe files when opened as a .txt file always look "Greek" to me. I have  
>always wondered if the programmer writes his/her program in "Greek" to keep it 
>confidential or is this the way that programs are normally written ???

.EXE was compiled machine language, you don't need to read it.
Even assembly language need to compile.

>I know how to program autoexec.bat, config.sys, batch files, etc but I know  
>nothing about programming an actual program

Then you need someone's help.
I think he just want to keep it simple, so he didn't implement color


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