> I tried compiling my code with Watcom. I got extremely strange behaviour -
> the compiler planted stack checking calls, and the stack checks were
> *convinced* I needed vast amounts of stack space to proceed with even the
> first function call out of main(). (I make very little use of the stack.)

That's because OpenWatcom's default calling convention uses the stack
to pass arguments.  To change the default calling convention to, say,
something like __cdecl, there should be a compiler option.

> 32bit DOS sounds right, but I read up on freeDOS-32 and it sounded like it
> was not ready for prime time. Does someone have a cheap/free 32 bit DOS
> with integrated TCP/UDP support?

You don't need a 32-bit DOS kernel, but a 16-bit DOS kernel (like
freedos's) and a DOS extender like cwsdpmi, dos32a, etc...

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