Hi all, I uploaded a modified version of
(you will need a 386 and enough RAM and you will need CWSDPMI in your path)

The update improves the usefulness of the surface scan.
In other words, instead of "read error" message you now
get a "read error at sector X" style message.
The update also fixes a very trivial bug which made
dosfsck fail to actually mark bad clusters as such ;-).

Thanks to Robert for telling me about the problem. He
tried to format a diskette to 83 tracks and only saw
many "read error" messages. The new DOSFSCK update
helped us to see that it is exactly the last track
which is broken. So formatting to 82 tracks would work.

TESTERS needed: Please try to FORMAT a diskette to 1743k
(1494k if you have a 5.25in drive) and then do a surface
scan with DOSFSCK -tvr a: to find out if the disk works.
If none of you gets 83 tracks working, then I have to
add 82 track formats to FORMAT. Because a broken 83rd
track only makes the diskette LOOK bigger and is other-
wise pointless. Only if there are diskette drives which
work okay with 83 tracks, 1743k makes sense.

The 82 track formats would be 1722 and 1476k for 3.5in
and 5.25in, respectively ;-).

Thanks for testing...


PS: CHKDSK will refuse to scan disks with non-standard
size. Actually there is no real reason why it does this,
but as there is no CHKDSK maintainer, it didn't get fixed.

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