Thanks to all who wrote.  I have a measure of progress to report.
Not only for the Loadhigh problem, but also for several others I've reported, Eric Auer suggested updating KERNEL.SYS, COMMAND.COM and EMM386/HIMEM.EXE.  (He speculated that the Service Release 2 version of FreeCOM might be a crippled version that does not support LH.)
As far as I can tell SR2 already includes the most recent version of EMM386 (v2.08, 11/28/2005).  I'll assume that HIMEM from SR2 (ver 3.12) is also the most recent.
SR2 initially installed these:
KERNEL version 1.1.35w Build 2035w-unstable, 11/30/2005
FreeCOM 0.84-pre XMS_Swap, 11/25/05
I updated to these:
KERNEL version 1.1.35 Build 2035b-cvs, 4/18/2006
FreeCOM 0.84-pre XMS_Swap, 4/18/2006
After the update I found that KEYB and LBACACHE were now successfully loading high.
However, DISPLAY still loads in conventional memory.  Again, I am assuming that it should successfully load high because the CD installation configures it with LH, and in the SR2 README (the post-installation RAM layout), MEM /C/P shows DISPLAY loaded high.
Also, NLSFUNC does not show up at all in the MEM /C/P report.  The CD installation creates the command line:
But neither NLSFUNC nor COUNTRY.SYS show up in MEM /C.
Can anyone resolve those two questions?
The FreeDOS volunteers are doing a whale of a job.   ;-)
But I have always had a hard time locating updates.
The SourceForge home of FreeDOS has a Software link that leads to a Base software link
( that has old versions of the base components - probably from SR 1.
And the SourceForge FreeDOS-user Mailing List Archives page has a link to a Files page ( described as the CVS home for the kernel, and it offers the same old versions of FreeCOM and the kernel.
Eric Auer gave me the critical tip that the best place to locate kernel updates is at\kernel, and that page attempts to be end-user friendly by offering single links to the latest stable releases of the kernel, FreeCOM and SYS.  But the FreeCOM link yields a download of 0.82 pl 3 XMS_Swap dated 12/10/2003.  Trying to find the most recent version, I
clicked the Directory Listing link to get a fuller listing of downloads, and the README there indicated I should download COMMAND.COM, but that is an 80086 version.  I finally downloaded for 80186+, but without complete assurance that this was the right choice., and also seemed like very reasonable choices.
Can anyone confirm that CMDXMS.HEAD.ZIP was the best current FreeCOM choice for English, 386+, XMS_Swap?

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