Hi Johnson, adding my answer to Scott's question

> Where can I get a reasonably simple autoexec.bat for Freedos that will
> load just the minimal things, and load things high when that's safe? I
> don't need a mouse, keyboard, video, or other standard devices; it's just
> A: (flash card used to hold my app), the packet driver for the ethernet
> provided by the hardware, and my code.
> Also, is there a way to kick the command interpreter out of memory? Once
> my app runs, there is no return to the prompt.

To which you replied

> shellhigh=c:\command.com /e:512 /p=c:\fdauto.bat
> device=c:\qhmboot.sys
> dos=high,umb
> device=c:\qdboot.sys           ;Optional, loads QDMA high with UMBPCI.
> device=c:\umbpci.sys                 ;For packet DMA, may need EMM386!
> devicehigh=c:\qhimem.sys /n32        ;Can be /n16 if XMS usage is low.
> devicehigh=c:\qdma.sys /o /d /f /l   ;Optional, for use with overlays.
> fileshigh=12                         ;Optional, can be adjusted.
> buffers=8,0                          ;Optional, can be adjusted.
> stackshigh=9,256                     ;DO NOT omit!  RISKY if so!
> lastdrivehigh=c                      ;If only diskette, use "a".

which works only for MS DOS kernel and only with the MS HIMEM based QHIMEM
... anyway, I have a simple alternative. Does not require any autoexec.bat
because no command.com is used :-)

rem use stacks=16,384 if you get crashes - or just compile your app right ;-)
rem lastdrive defaults to minimal setting, buffers default to use HMA memory
installhigh=ne2000.com -i 0x60
rem or whatever else is the syntax for YOUR network packet driver...
rem NOTE: some network drivers must be loaded with INSTALL, low, as
rem they do not work with INSTALLHIGH. However, EMM386 VDS might work
rem better compared to UMBPCI: device=emm386.exe vds (replaces umbpci)
rem do not use shellhigh here

If you sometimes do want to boot with a prompt, you can use the F5
key at boot time, then config sys is ignored and the default file
name is used for the shell: command.com The above config sys shows
that you can use your program AS the shell, so you do not need any
command.com to run your program. In FreeDOS, config sys can contain
lines, so you do not need autoexec.bat to set environment variables.
Actually, as command.com is not used, you do not need autoexec at all.

For debugging purposes, you should first try without UMBPCI / EMM386.
Then the packet driver will be in low DOS RAM and the dosdata=umb line
will have no effect. If you still have enough low RAM, then the setup
is simpler and probably more stable without UMBPCI / EMM386 that way:

rem see above...
install=ne2000.com -i 0x60

Enjoy ;-)


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