> I have a CD made from the ISO.  The readme identifies it as: b9 #2 30 
> Nov 2005.  During install the kernel version is 0.0.35.  Is this the 
> most recent?

Yes - we would call it build 2035, but we found that, for MS DOS
compatibility, build numbers must be 0.0.something :-).
The current version has been 2035 for over a year, so you
(unfortunately) have to refer to the build date to know which
version exactly you have. The kernel shows that date at boot
time. There are daily compiles on http://fdos.org/kernel/ but
it is quite normal that the source code stays the same for
over a month. So it would be pointless to download a daily
compile everyday. Download the current version, then you have
a nice update compared to the ISO, check again in summer ;-).

While you are on the site, you can also get a new FreeCOM
command.com - the default one (also used on the ISO) is
http://fdos.org/kernel/command.com but you should NOT use
it unless your CPU is only 8086. You get some quite useful
extra features if you use the PC-AT / newer version instead:
http://fdos.org/kernel/cmdxms.HEAD.zip (do not forget to load
HIMEM, as the PC-AT version of command.com uses XMS memory to
reduce its consumption of low DOS RAM).


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