Hello to everyone ,and thank you to all developers.
I have a problem with my cdrom .
My install went fine but now it doesn't work.
Problem is I don't have a floppy drive or network attached ,just a
I just installed freedos and I cant get the drivers working.
Here is the line in my config sys,it was commented out but i uncommented

And this is from my autoexec.bat.

ShsuCDX /C /Q+ /D:?CDROM1

I edited the install version a little.
the cdrom is atapi ,not sure which model .it is a compaq laptop and
atapi cdrom.

I am a linux user ,but I like the fact that dos doesn't have to mount
drives ,starts fast can be shut off quickly and is small .The only thing
I need now is an autoplay feature like windows .So when you put a cd in
the drive it starts playing. 
Thanks :-)

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