Thanks for all the info Eric.
I need to free up some time and try these options out.

I did download and try the Blair foull source install CD, but it gave me
trouble.  First after choosing my packages to install, the install GUI
crashed ..."error 217  Fatal error: GUI installer crashed"  
These after continuing with the install it started giving me TONS of
Checkdir Errors.  I thought that the full source version of Blair's CD had
all the packages needed onboard.  Confused by this.
BTW... the Blair's CD is a heck of a lot better to follow than the current
FreeDOS CD.  Menus are easy to understand and they dont autorun defaults in
a heartbeat.  Not sure why the freedos developers decided to do it that way. 
Personally, I dont understand why there is an autorunning default to any of
these menus anyway.  A menu is there to give the user a choice.  Most of the
time the choice is critical or at least specific to the users needs. 
Myself...I do several things at once, so when I boot an install CD, I dont
want it getting ahead of me when I wasnt looking or checking of the pizza is
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