Hi, as we are talking about the Descent game at the
moment... I just played it a bit in DOSEMU and found
that you have to use the -NoMusic option unless you
have those experimental Adlib simulation patches.
Sound effects work okay with the DOSEMU SoundBlaster
emulation, but the music thing of Descent uses the
Adlib timer (port 388 hex). Typical symptom: Descent
gets very slow quite early in startup, for example
at the point where "loading data" is completed and
the title screen is supposed to fade away, giving
way for the main menu screen...

of course this is unrelated to the problem that
Descent and some other games with DOS4GW DOS extender
do not run well in plain FreeDOS. The problem does
not seem to occur in DOSEMU. This can mean that either
emm386 / himem have a compatibility problem or that
DOS4GW has a problem with computers where too much
memory is installed (for example Windows 3.x has this
if you have more than 256 MB, with a config tweak the
limit is 1024 MB there). The solution for plain FreeDOS
for the moment is to download dos32a and then run for
example "dos32a dcntshr" instead of "dcntshr".


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