Thanks, Mark. I got FreeDos booting properly now after taking the following three steps (I can't tell which of them was critical to resolve the problem):

1) Installing the latest 8632 kernel from here:

2) Installing FreeCom's

which was mentioned by Eric on another thread:

3) Correcting the command line error (due to some inconsistencies in Help files):

old way: C:\>  sys c: c: ENT

new way: C\> sys c: c: /bootonly ENT

Indeed, I don't have a floppy in my new machine, not even the serial port. That's why I turned to FreeDOS to run my Iomega JazDrive an transfer some files from an older computer. FreeDOS passed the JazDrive test with flying colours. It linked to Iomega's Guest.exe at the first attempt.

From: Mark Bailey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Re: Can't Boot To Hard Drive  
2006-05-04 12:59         

Good day, Lester:

Have you tried the "development" kernel.sys file from Especially if your computer
not have a floppy disk drive, this may fix a "Bad
or missing command interpreter" error that occurs
the boot process.  I am assuming you did a "sys c: c:"
and then rebooted to get this error.

Let us know if the development kernel helps.


Lester Vedrox wrote:
> I have installed the full version from "fdbootcd.iso"
but FreeDOS will
> only boot to CD and not to hard drive. Both system
files are in place:
> c:\kernel.sys
> c:\
> An attempt to setup the boot sector (c:\> sys c: c:)
results in the
> following error:
> "Bad or missing command interpreter. Enter the full
shell command line:
> /p /e:256"
> Lester
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