Almighty Eric,

I can't sleep without replying the message, it's so disturbing ...

I missed a detailed reply, sorry! You asked again and again
annoyingly. We Cantonese invented a new term call "Tape Rewind", I
remember you know a lot of language, so you may read Chinese. It's on
our Wiki, reference below:

[ ]

You claim that SHSUCDX need no "align", OK ... finally I found Jack's
message in my old mail archive, sorry again, I'm not using Outlook
Express or Outlook, no way to crash my mail database!

***Why SHSUCDX V3.03A need to align with UltraDMA:

And "uhm", there are REASONS why I revised SHSUCDX into SHCDX33A. It
SAVES over 1000 bytes of file space, for my "poor old" 1.4-MB
diskettes! And its directory buffers are all "aligned" to 4-byte
boundaries so REAL ULTRADMA (not XMS memory nor "PIO mode") can be
used with directory I-O!

I do not fault Jason Hood at ALL by saying this; he did a GREAT job
with SHSUCDX!   But, UltraDMA has RULES Jason would not have noticed
in using only VIDE-CDD, which offers no UltraDMA.   QCDROM/SHCDX33A DO
offer it!

>No problem, it is enough to tell the maintainers about the
>bugs, it is not necessary to give patches to the maintainers.
>Of course some maintainers are happy to get patches instead of
>bug descriptions, but a bug description is already very useful.

I've email Martin Stormberg and waiting for his email.

Another developer seems no interest in the bugs Jack found, so leave
him alone. Or you want to fix the bug for him? I'll ask Jack to tell
you where the bug one by one, please fix them one by one.

>He might leave FreeDOS because somebody replaced his driver.

Negative, zero mark. Trying to upset me? your highness.

Are you getting mad and your logic gone? Read the last date of FDXMS
0.94, it's dated 2005-05-28, QHIMEM dated 2006-04-10.

>He might actually be happy if somebody gives him a hint about
>how to improve FDXMS. At least it is worth trying.

No more "tape rewind" please.

>Did you try to contact him?


>As far as I remember, Jack did not want to tell us about the
>four (if I remember correctly) critical bugs in himem/emm386,
>so Michael cannot fix them either. He only told us THAT there
>are bugs, but did not provide details about the bugs.

Don't rewind your tape anymore, very annoying.

Mr. Devore refused to believe FD-HIMEM have bugs, so we have no need
to report anything.

>I think I did not insult Mark at all... I only wrote that

If that's is not an insult, then your definition of insult is really
loose, and why you pissed off so many people.

>Mark is not a programmer in Assembly language and probably
>unable to understand the problem in FDXMS source code. He is
>an experienced DOS user and a nice guy but no Asm programmer.

Are you out of your mind? Jack ask him to read the comment, that is
not source code, it's text!

Read line #29, please! Almighty Programmer Eric, your version of EDIT
fail to load a 63.5K text file, since Joe left because of you, please
fix your EDIT before "Tape rewind" your long message here, the other
mailing-list subscriber must be very annoying.


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