John, try Johnson Lam's CDROM binaries. Before I installed them my CDROM wouldn't work at all with files that came with "fdbootcd.iso".

You will need both QCDROM Driver and SHSUCDX CDROM Interface Driver. When you download the files put all of them in c:\fdos\bin. The actual file names will be as follows:


In Config.sys modify the line for CDROM:


In Autoexec.bat rem out the line that references to SHSUCDX.COM and add:

SHCDX33A /D:?CDROM1 /C /V /~+ /Q+


From: John Hupp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 RE: FreeCOM memory allocation error with SHSUCDX
2006-05-03 16:52        

I wrote on April 15 (see original text below) about a memory allocation
error that I was getting on 3 computers running the very-little-modified
installation created by the bootable install CD.  The error *seemed* to be
heavily related to SHSUCDX -- it would disappear altogether on 2 of 3
machines if I used the /C switch to load it in conventional memory.

But now I think the error was due to one or more of the international
support features installed by default from the CD.  SHSUCDX was merely
triggering the error.  I think this because the error went away on all 3
machines when I removed NLSFUNC, CHCP, DISPLAY, MODE CON CODEPAGE, and KEYB. I can now load SHSUCDX without the /C switch and not trigger the error. And
I can locate SHSUCDX higher in AUTOEXEC.BAT without triggering the error.

I wish I had more precise info, but I think someone with technical debugging
capability will have to take it from here.  The only bit I can add is that
when I was singlestepping through bootup with one test configuration on one
machine, the error did not occur. But when I allowed an uninterrupted boot,
the error was generated after KEYB ran.

--John Hupp

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