Maybe I'm off-topic here, in which case someone may refer me to a better place to post this.  But I want to get web browsing and email running on a FreeDOS machine, and from it seems that LSPPP, WatTCP, Arachne and Pegasus might be a good combination.
But I'm stuck on the process of setting up WatTCP.  Most of the WatTCP documentation deals with compiling rather than setup and use.
1) Is the WatTCP 32-bit protected mode version what you would use for the application I describe above?
2) Working from the already-compiled zip archive, is installation and setup as simple as copying the WatTCP-32 BIN folder to the hard drive, pointing SET WATTCP to that location, and letting LSPPP and Arachne take it from there?
3) If I want to dispense with the many utilities in the WatTCP collection, what are the files I need just for TCP/IP support?
--John Hupp

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