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1) Which ram disk is more modern: TDSK.EXE or XMSDSK.EXE?
XMSDSK, though it's from 1998 already. Tdsk is from 1992 or so.
2) If it's XMSDSK.EXE then where can I get it from? It's supposed to be in file
FURD19_u.zip but I can't locate it anywhere in the file downloads.
3) Is there any way to assign a specific drive letter to RAM disk? Ideally I would need the
letter "A" (non bootable drive is ok).
Jason Hood has a more recent set of drivers online, obtained at:

it's a collection of drivers and programs for Cdroms, disks, cd/dvd images, and also for diskettes and diskette images.

Normally , driveletter A: isn't available. Sometimes the SUBST command allows it
(SUBST A: C:\MYDSKIMG for example)
4) The computer doesn't have the floppy drive and I'm trying to install an older MS-DOS application that won't install from any other drive but "A" (it does not have to be bootable). I have tried to force SHCDX33A to assign "A" to cd-rom but it won't allow that (it seems the drive letter must be D or lower):


If this can't be done with RAM disk then the next option is USB drive (possible to achieve
but more complicated).
could be possible with USB yes. Another alternative is an emulator, and then put your application onto a diskette image (use WinImage for example) and install from there.

Final option is to make a bootable cdrom, which results in the emulated diskette drive being Drive A: for a while.
The FreeDOS installation cd-rom makes use of this technique.

hope this helps a bit,


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