oZone is a nice GUI. Not a library, a real "operating system" above DOS, like the old SEAL. But it is better!

-)Support for Skins/Themes,
-)a file "explorer",
-)some tools
-)a "builder" (to easily develope new programs)


Since last week I have tried to compile it...now I have success.
I want to maintain the code and want to improve it (not much time, but I like this GUI). I will update the source at sourceforge soon.

My question: Could it be included into the FreeDOS distribution?
-)It would bring a very good GUI into DOS (like OpenGEM, but for new computers)
-)It would bring developers to oZone


-)It could make _publicity_ for FreeDOS. If one (Jim ;-) would put some screenshots onto the FreeDOS web page, many people would say: "Wow - this is DOS?" It would make FreeDOS more interesting for other users, maybe also users of Linux. I read an article at a Austrian newsletter about other operating systems. Also AmigaOSes were listed, because they have a nice GUI. But we - FreeDOS - have also a very nice GUI!

Florian Xaver <http://www.flox.at.tf>

Dr-DOS  Wiki <http://www.drdos.org>
SWORD - a nice GUI library for DOS/DJGPP

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