Hi all,
what has been known as the "daily 2035 cvs stable build"
kernel for over a year now has a new name and a new home.
Actually not much changed apart from the new name: 2036 test.
You will hopefully enjoy some updated documentation, in
particular the new changelog entry is easier to read than
a full cvs change log system output :-). So you will finally
know why 2035-HEAD, now known as 2036, is better than 2035a.

I hope you enjoy the updated kernel. At least the new version
number will hopefully make bug reporting and knowing whether
somebody has the current kernel a lot simpler. You can get
8086-compatible and 386-optimized versions, both with and
without FAT32 support.

While you are at it, if you have been using FreeCOM com082pl3-bin
in the past then you should really change to com082pl3-xmsswap if
you have any XMS around (HIMEM loaded). If you want a newer FreeCOM,
check fdos.org, where you can also find the 2035-UNSTABLE kernel.

Summary: Check the new changelog on
and check the binaries with the shiny new name "build 2036" on
but if you already knew the fdos.org daily builds, then 2036 will
be very much like 2035-HEAD for you.


PS: If you are familiar with our cvs, let me know how I can update and
build a file release for 2035-UNSTABLE (which will be named 2037pre).
Kernels are OpenWatcom compiled. We might add Turbo C compiled kernels.

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