15-Апр-2006 19:27 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Blair Campbell) wrote to

>> >> I tried compiling my code with Watcom. I got extremely strange behaviour -
>> >> the compiler planted stack checking calls, and the stack checks were

     Also as (most) other compilers do by default.

>> >> *convinced* I needed vast amounts of stack space to proceed with even the >> >> first function call out of main(). (I make very little use of the stack.)

     May you explain, what you mean by "convinced"?

BC> That's because OpenWatcom's default calling convention uses the stack
BC> to pass arguments.

     Wrong - default is register calling convention.

BC> To change the default calling convention to, say,
BC> something like __cdecl, there should be a compiler option.

     There is - see -ec options description.

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