Why? I love MPXPLAY!

Yes. I also said that...I have nothing against a windows version. But I want the developement of DOS!!

What do you think of including Mpxplay in all FreeDOS distributions?
So that maybe more people would use it. And it would sound cool: "...with mp3,ogg and wmv player..." ;-)

Yes, I saw, it is at the software list. So, Jim, do you read this mail? :-) Maybe you could update http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freedos/about/ ? Maybe you could add the 7zip support (ported from Blair).

Actually it's AC97 and other "strange" sound chips native support made
it unique, also not many player can play WMV.

It supports AC97 - cool!! I will buy a new laptop and I want to use it also under DOS!! :-)

It's really a great player! But I don't think porting to Windows is a
good idea, Windows have too many players.

There are many pro and contra. I know it from my DOS development. Nobody use it. :-( I send him bug reports etc and write into the forum. So he knows me, he knows that I like the DOS version. One step to continue DOS developement ;-)

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