Lester Vedrox wrote:
>> AB> Repartition disk (by FDISK or somethink like Partition Magic).
>> EA> Use a GOOD partition editor (not MS FDISK... preferrably something with 
>> a reasonable user interface and something which you are good at using.
> James, you should probably consider investing in partitioning software:
> PartitionMagic:
> http://www.partitionmagic.com/home_homeoffice/products/system_performance/pm80/index.html
> Partition Commander:
> http://www.v-com.com/product/Partition_Commander_Home.html
> Acronis Disk Director Suite:
> http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/diskdirector/
> PartitionMagic used to be a leader in this field but it's dominance has been 
> challenged lately by competitors. Partition Commander, for instance, allows 
> converting NTFS partitions back to FAT, the feature that was absent in 
> PartitionMagic. Acronis Disk Director Suite seems to have the best choice of 
> features of all three products, but I have never tried it so can't comment on 
> it.
> Lester
I have found Partition Magic unrealiable on WindowsXP Service Pack 2 (and later)
versions of NTFS.  There is an open-source, bootable CD which works well
and includes the Linux version of fdisk:


I would recommend trying that.  The price is right!  :-)


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