On 6/8/06, Johnson Lam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This behavior is different from MS-FDISK, this will cause automated
> batch file fail.

 This behavior is by design and documented. If you want to use fdos'
fdisk then you should take advantage of it's features and read before
you use it unattended in batch files. It is a drop-in replacement for
the MS counterpart, but it corrects and enhances it.

> It's good to warn user NOT to overwrite if they're not sure, but this
> "hidden rule" cause trouble IF no one tell me what's happening. The
> solution should be "Are you sure to write MBR?" but not skipping the
> MBR, causing misunderstanding.

 It's not a hidden rule, it's documented.
> Also when you choose NOT to let FDISK create a single partition and
> did on your own, the logical drive size will be wrong. I don't know if
> anyone got this problem also.
dunno about this one.


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