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 >> >> EA> irq are numbered 0 to 15, so what do you mean by irq 17?
LV> The last IRQ on my system has number 22:

      IRQ numbers above 15 are function of Advanced PIC (APIC), which isn't
supported in (old) DOS programs. And I don't know, how they implemented and
how hard they support (in DOS).

 >> >> EA> is this a real modem or more a "soundcard" (winmodem)?
LV> It seems to be a real hardware modem: Motorola SM56 Speakerphone Modem.

      AFAIR, this is winmodem...

LV> - attached to: COM3
LV> - IRQ channel: 17
LV> - reset: AT&F,cr>

      ...and COM ports emultion is an function of Windows driver.

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