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>      Then this .sys driver should (1) emulate hardware UART and IRQs (which
>is possible only in protected mode) and should (2) implement all low-level
>asynchronous protocols, which in real modems implemented internally with
>help of dedicated DSP. Both tasks are far from easy, even in multitasked
>protected OSes like Windows and Linux...

  Dear Arkady and collegues,

  There are so called "controller-less" hardware modems, both
  ISA and PCI, which are some intermediaries between "win" and
  "usual hardware modems". (I have, for example, Intel (R) 536EP
  modem). They, partially, emulate COM ports. For many of them
  there are drivers under Linux and FreeBSD.

  Does anybody know at least one example of DOS driver
  for such almost "normal" modem?

  Are there any PRINCIPAL barriers in DOS architecture, to
  develope such drivers, apart it's not easy?

  Regards -

  Sergij Fedorynchyk,
  Kyiv, Ukraine

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