To display other character sets in your DOS console please check the
DISPLAY and MODE commands, that will help you on that. There are many
examples in the bootdisks to show how to use it.
I don't know which character set, just tell us which are the settings
of these programs in MS-DOS that you use, and we can tell you how to
write that in FreeDOS (almost the same).


2006/6/15, Arkady V.Belousov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi!
> 15-Июн-2006 00:52 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Escorter) wrote to
> E> Maybe it's a dumb question, but how can I enable the
> E> international character support in the Open Watcom compiler?
> E> In my program, I want to write a message to the screen with
> E> printf, but the special characters (like "щ" or "≤") are
> E> displayed as other ASCII simbols, or not displayed at all.
>     This not relates to OW - if characters are not displayed (correctly),
> then this mean, that you not run program, which download required by you
> localized fonts.
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