> Hi Johnson, with a forum, you would have to log in
> every time when you want to get the news.

I agree, also it's less efficient than NNTP and much more difficult to
manage large volume archives. The threading on NNTP is also much more
solid (e.g. if someone changed the subject line).

> NNTP is more for higher traffic stuff and for situations
> where most users only want to read a part of the
> messages,

I find it great for low traffic too. You don't have to do anything, just
click the group and start reading AND replying, no silly logins or anything.

> plus, as Jim said, NNTP has a serious spam
> problem.

To a point, but the FreeDOS NNTP group doesn't get much spam and it's
easy to skip over. I don't know how, but the NNTP groups have a lot less
spam than a year ago. I never see all that V_iagra stuff anymore.

> As we have many short mails between few people on
> the list recently, those people might want to mail
> each other directly, rather than through the list.

True, but on USENET people can decide if they want to watch the thread
or not; if they decide it's drifting off topic they can just hit "ignore
thread" and that's the end of it. You can also set up filters that work
server-side with NNTP and save your bandwidth filtering on email.

> Even better would be interactive discussion on IRC
> (irc.i7c.org #freedos, you can just log in without
> needing an account)

To a point, yes. It's great when you're collaborating on a project, but
it's not so good when you want to be able to look back over earlier
discussions, it's also difficult if you're busy with other stuff and
can't be on IRC all the time.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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