At 01:19 PM 6/21/2006 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello! It's me again.
>I changed my compiler back to Open Watcom 1.1, because 1.2
>can't compile the Duke Nukem 3D source code. :)
>But now, I have a problem: it comes with an old version of
>CauseWay, and I don't know how can I update to the latest
>CW. Can somebody help me?
>I downloaded from Mr. Devore's site. I think it is
>the latest version.

Open Watcom 1.5 has a later 4.x version, but the differences are mostly 
academic for 99.99% of users.  There are also stub or ASM updates around, 
but nothing major.

You can use CWSTUB.EXE (possibly known as CW32.EXE) to run a program 
stand-alone by overriding a boundiin extender, e.g. CWSTUB APP32.EXE.  Or 
you can update a bound-in extender to current CW version via CW349.EXE, 
possibly named CW32.EXE, via the /U switch, e.g. CW349 /U 
APP32.EXE.  Really I don't remember the exact executable names, but there 
simply aren't that many of them to be a big deal and running them 
separately to see what they do won't bite you.

Alternatively, you could split out the original extender stub from your EXE 
and copy in a CW stub via COPY /B command.

Or you could just recompile with a recent OW and have the extender bound-in 
as part of the linking process.

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