Hello Mark!

Many thanks!!! The HP utility worked perfectly from winXP! It needed location 
of system files, and I used the FreeDos ODIN diskette. The PC104 can now boot 
from the CompactFlash. 

"Naturally", the HP utility was not the first thing I tried. The PC bios had 
legacy USB1 support, but DOS communication with CF reader was too buggy and 
produced rather interesting results ("now You se'em, now You don't"). I also 
tried various DOS USB drivers. The DUSE (ver4.9) could detect USB Storage 
Device (both connect and remove), but failed to initiate it's driver. Panasonic 
USBASPI.SYS (from f2h_usb.exe archive) together with Novacs di1000cd.sys (from 
mhairu.zip) produced a similar result. Still, I am impressed and I believe it 
can work in many cases. DUSE is well documented and can be loaded from command 
prompt (but avoid emm386). Here are some links:


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Hi Anders:

There are two ways I know of to do this.  One is to boot a floppy disk
or hard disk image using ISOLINUX/SYSLINUX which probably isn't what you
want.  The second is to install a FreeDOS boot sector directly to the USB

There is a utility from HP that may work for you.  It will install
a FreeDOS boot sector to a USB device and may work for your flash
memory.  WindowsXP does not make this easy.

DOwnload SP27213.EXE from ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp27001-27500

You will have to run the installer and point the utility to a directory
or device containing the FreeDOS kernel.sys and command.com files.  I used
a floppy disk image...this can just be a Windows directory.  I believe the
utility has a FreeDOS boot sector "built-in" to it.

See also
The download link for the HP utility doesn't work from this page.

The same tool can also install MSDOS.

Let us know if you have any questions.  A quick posting to the e-mail list
about what you had to do and how it worked might help someone else.

Mark Bailey

Anders Jansson wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to install FreeDos to a 128 Mb compactFlash card on F:, for use
> in another computer (a PC104 system). I have only access to the flash in
> winXP.
> Regards,
> Anders
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