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> Hi!
> 2-Июл-2006 10:19 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Edward Long) wrote to 
> EL> I would like to use Free Dos on a new lap top (Windows EL> XL)
> for when the time comes that old computer may die. EL>  But I have
> absolutely no idea how to do this.  Is a EL> comprehensive set of
> guidance instructions available EL> that would tell an computer-dumb
> old fellow like me EL> how to do this?
> 1. You should have Windows (XP - not XL) installed on FAT partition
> or you should have separate FAT partition, if Windows installed on
> partitions with NTFS file system. DOS supports only FAT file system
> and not recognizes NTFS partition (unless _after_ DOS booting you run
> some driver, like NTFSDOS, which allows to read files from NTFS
> partition).
> EL> Basically I would like to have the EL> option to boot up either
> DOS or Windows XL when I EL> start up the computer

There are (at least) three ways to dual boot WindowsXP and FreeDOS.  The
new WindowsXP machines I have purchased (or gotten through work) have
WindowsXP preinstalled on an NTFS partition.  It is possible to shrink
the NTFS partition, create a new FAT32 partition, install FreeDOS on the
new partition, and use a boot manager to select WindowsXP or FreeDOS.
This doesn't require re-installing WindowsXP and FreeDOS is in its
own separate partition.  For fairly complete directions, see, fdinst091.pdf.  If you have
any questions, send me an e-mail.

This is what I do to all of my machines.

If WindowsXP is installed on a FAT32 partition, you can use the FreeDOS
installer to put FreeDOS on the same partition as WindowsXP and use the
Windows boot manager (I think) to select it or Windows.  If you don't
have WindowsXP on a FAT32 partition, you would have to convert the
partition somehow or reinstall WindowsXP.  Again, the new machines
I have run into have WindowsXP on an NTFS partition.

The approved Microsoft method is basically a third way.
They suggest repartitioning the disk (destroying the WindowsXP
installation), installing FreeDOS, then re-installing WindowsXP.

To use this method:
> If you have already installed Windows, and you have only one
> partition, you must reformat and partition your hard drive before you
> can multiboot.

How can we help you get your dual boot machine set up?

Mark Bailey

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