Hi Ray,

> First, do you actually except that you cannot boot any Win 3x, including 
> 3.11.  You have to boot something else first and then run Win 3x as an 
> app.

Yes and no. We all agree you can start WfW from "DOS" and we also know 
it has it's own startup files that could be called "DOS", but what does 
DOS really mean in the context of FreeDOS? I always thought it meant DOS 
6.22, but maybe it means DOS 7.x, or DOS 8.x too?

If you start an o/s from within DOS, does it mean by definition that 
it's "just a DOS shell", or could it be an o/s in it's own right? If 
every API call is mapped back to a DOS 6.22 interrupt then it seems fair 
to call it a DOS shell, but if File I/O is not using calls to DOS then 
would it be fair to say it's not "just a DOS shell"?

If multiple programs are all reading/wirting to the NIC stream at the 
same time from WfW 3.11, are you saying they are merely managing 
time-slices to the underlying DOS 6.22 o/s and that it's DOS 6.22 that 
is doing the actual reading and writing to the PCI bus? Or is it the 
case that it's not using DOS calls at all?

> DRDOS has DPMI.  I assume FD could if it doesn't.

What is the exact technical reason you can't start WfW 3.11 from 
FreeDOS? Is it the DPMI thing or something else?

> For what this is worth, I am able to get FreeDOS with the Q stuff to run 
> on newer MBs - AMD 64 -that fail with DRDOS.

Yes, FreeDOS is great on modern hardware.

 > They don't like EMM386; DR
> or FD.

Yes, I've posted at great length about this in the past. I use UMBPCI at 
the moment.

> 64 bit is a bit of a jump, but if you will settle for 32 bit - for now - 
> I think we did most of that, it's called OS/2,

Ah OK! Maybe it's time to look again at OS/2.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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