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WP> What I want to ask is, has anyone approached Borland about the possibility
WP> of
WP> releasing their DOS compiler and database products as Open Source?  I've

     I suggest, that releasing Borland _compilers_ as _open source_ (beside
releasing as unpaid software) is useless - these compilers are (1) much
outdated (in sense of modern language standards compatibility and supported
target platforms) and contains (2) many bugs, whereas there are (3)
free(dom) alternative (OpenWatcom, for example), which newer, less buggy,
more standards compliant and more code-efficient.

     So, even if Borland releases their compilers as open source, this gives
nothing useful. And even if they release compilers as free(dom) open-source,
I doubt that someone (experienced) will spend they efforts to evolve them to
something more modern.

     Database (Paradox) is another story.

WP> considered doing it myself, but I don't know just who I should contact.

     "Me too".  :)

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