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AS> TurboPascal is by far the most used Pascal dialect,

     Yes, Turbo Pascal creates new language, called "Turbo Pascal", and
Borland compilers is standard de-facto for this language. But this
"standard" neither enough formal nor enough complete (in sense of
_standard_ RTL functions for different things).

AS> In fact, both FreePascal and Delphi has been ported to Linux (and
AS> other platforms) so that you can create platform-independent apps (or
AS> at least Borland say so, I have never tried that), so the language
AS> itself is not that platform dependent (another story are the
AS> libraries, but there's even a FreePascal's DOS unit in Linux).

     Same problem - standardization and proprietary nature. Borland already
drops TP in favor of Delphi, later (now) they drop Delphi for something
else. And you remain with proprietary tools for proprietary,
non-standardized (formally) language...

AS> Well, I don't expect an spectacular evolution in any 16-bit product
AS> (except for FreeDOS), and we should be happy if OpenWatcom does not
AS> give up the 16-bit line, but back to TP, one wouldn't be locked if you
AS> come across one bug that affects you.

     _If_ you persuade Borland to release TP as free(dom) software, and _if_
you get maintain of it by you, and _if_ you will fix bugs in it - I will not
object for this. I only doubt that even if Borland opens its old software,
then someone (experienced) will maintain (evolve) this heap of problems.
Else, if you not expect evolution (and you satisfied by existing compilers),
then why you need their sources?

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