2006/7/9, Arkady V.Belousov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>     _If_ you persuade Borland to release TP as free(dom) software, and _if_
> you get maintain of it by you, and _if_ you will fix bugs in it - I will not

I am not the only one DOS Pascal programmer in the world.

> object for this. I only doubt that even if Borland opens its old software,
> then someone (experienced) will maintain (evolve) this heap of problems.
> Else, if you not expect evolution (and you satisfied by existing compilers),

Condition not met: there's no free 16-bit Pascal compiler (at least as
good as TP6/7, I doubt the download in the French page is legal, and I
seem to recall that Borland no longer retains ownerwhip over TP), so I
am not satisfied.

> then why you need their sources?


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