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F> Is there any software wich gives UTF-8 support to DOS? I often copy Linux
F> text
F> files (which are UTF8 encoded) to my DOS computer and have *big* problems to
F> read them.

     Unfortunately - no. :( All, what I may suggest you - find mapping for
UTF codes in your texts to codes in your 8-bit codepage and wrote text
converter, which will convert UTF text to plain ASCII.

F> Not only because of the LF/CR difference between DOS and Unix
F> worlds, by mostly because of the different support of extended characters. I
F> often use french, polish and russian characters in one file, that why the
F> UTF8 standard is pretty usefull to me...

     Then you unlucky - multiple languages (in different codepages) may be
shown only in graphics mode by program, which may handle multi-fonted
documents, and I don't know any free DOS software for this.  :(

F> It would be ideal if there were such a DOS "codepage" available,

     Impossible. "DOS codepages" are restricted to 8-bit (256 characters).

F> which would
F> be able to do an instant translation of the two-bytes linux special
F> characters and display them on the DOS display in a human-readable way...

     In DOS, all such translation may be performed only by special programs
by user request, but I don't know such (free) programs.  :(

F> I'm also trying to set up a cyrillic support in my FreeDOS instalation (i'm
F> currently learning russian), but I couldn't set it  :(  I tried the standard
F> (don't remember exactly which CPX file, but it was described as supporting
F> russian), but it don't seem to change anything... Maybe is there a russian
F> guy who might give me his FreeDOS autoexec / config files?

     Support for code page (in sense of "characters") mean three things:

1. conversion tables (upper casing; allowed characters in file names);
2. screen font;
3. keyboard layout.

     (1) mean loading country.sys with your codepage. For example, for
correct handling cyrillic letters in file names, you should insert next
statement into config.sys:

country = 7,,country.sys

(code page "866" as second argument is assumed for country code 7).
Unfortunately, only development edition of FreeDOS supports external
country.sys - original (stable) 2035 version silently ignores third argument
and remains with CP437 conversion tables.

     (2) and (3) more or less independent from (1). For loading screen font,
you may use DISPLAY, for loading keyboard layout translation table, you
should load KEYB. Then you should issue MODE commands, which will force
switching. For example, in MS-DOS this is

device = display.sys con=(ega,,1)

mode con codepage prepare=((866) ega3.cpi)
mode con codepage select=866
keyb ru,,keybrd3.sys

About FD-DISPLAY, FD-KEYB and FD-MOE, you better answered Henrique, Aitor
and Eric, who design these programs.

     Also, for keyboard support, there developed (stripped-down) utility -
mkeyb. To load Russian layout, you should run "mkeyb ru". Also, there exists
other 3rd-party localization utilities. For example, some utilities write
screen fonts directly into (shadowed) BIOS image over original fonts (thus
not using conventional memory at all). I may recommend SFONT and KEYRUS.

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