I had to make a new partition and to install a bootmanager. I tested 
some...and found X-FDISK (someone wrote at this list about it).
I think it is really cool:

(1)very very easy to install the bootmanager and to use the program!!!
(2)good fdisk with *included* bootmanager
(3)no need for an extra partition for the bootmanager
(4)seems to be bugfree ;-) I installed and deinstalled it 3 times.
(5)no time delay (after booting)

It doesn't support booting from a dvd drive, but who needs it? All 
modern BIOSes (I know) supports booting from DVD/CD drive.

Florian Xaver <http://www.flox.at.tf>

Dr-DOS  Wiki <http://www.drdos.org>
oZone-a GUI operating system for DOS,Linux,Win
SWORD-a nice GUI library for DOS/DJGPP

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