On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Arkady V.Belousov wrote:

> BO> DOS character set, recode will do; search for rcode35b.zip in the 
> v2gnu BO> directory of your local DJGPP mirror.
>      I was try it. I create test file, where in UTF-8 was present russian 
> word "test": D1 82 D0 B5 D1 81 D1 82 0D 0A Then I run recode 
> (http://clio.rice.edu/djgpp/win2k/rcode35b.zip):

Drop it! Try iconv.

> >recode.exe test outf
> Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV
> Page fault at eip=0000623a, error=0004

iconv will convert from utf-8 to cp866 without faults.
The "licv19[xx].zip" can be found on djgpp ftp.

Take care. Your friend,
dima <7509107*mail,ru> <2:550/112>

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