At 09:21 PM 7/12/2006 -0400, Keith Weisshar wote:
>Microsoft just released VPC 2004 as freeware today.  When I install from 
>the FreeDOS ISO under VPC 2004 I get an CRC error on with missing 
>required during install and at the end of the install and I 
>reboot I get a missing command interpreter.

Woo hoo!  After reading your message, I tried out VPC 2004 and I think I've 
found the VDS bug in EMM386 that's been plaguing me and several users for 
the past year.  Really stupid register-trashing bug; it's hard to believe 
VDS worked as well as it did most of the time.

Applause to Microsoft.  Now I'm going to have to kiss you.  Or, 
not.   Well, I could send you a few bucks so you can buy a kiss from 
someone more favorable to the eye and osculatory inclinations -- you know, 
whatever's the current non-supermodel rate.

Plus, there's just enough time to sneak an EMM386 2.11 version in under the 

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