On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 18:11 +0200, Fox wrote:
> Hi people!
> Is there any software wich gives UTF-8 support to DOS? I often copy Linux 
> text 
> files (which are UTF8 encoded) to my DOS computer and have *big* problems to 
> read them. Not only because of the LF/CR difference between DOS and Unix 

In linux there is unix2dos and dos2unix included with some distros.
Then there is Perl which can search and replace characters in files.
for changing names there is tr see script below.  Might as well use the
unix tools it provides since that is where your starting.

cat /home/cwsiv/MyBash/space.sh
# Loop over all files in a directory
for i in * ; do
 # $i = current filename
 #      translate $i (filename) the string upper to lowercase and
  # emit the result
 LOWERNAME=`echo -n $i| tr ' ' '_'`

# for lower case
#  LOWERNAME=`echo -n $i| tr 'A-Z ' 'a-z'`
 # mv = rename file
  mv $i $LOWERNAME

Someday we will have a dos perl but since I figure most of us multiboot
with linux we can get by mixing the two and having the best of both.

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