When reading the messages in developer mailing list, I'm wondering about where 
FreeDOS is moving.
The developers are only blaming each other whole time. There's no normal 
discussion possible.
"If you say something wrong than I'll kick your ass off the mailing list!".
That's just kidding.
Why always discuss things off-list? Has the rest of the dos community no right 
to see what's going on in the development of the software they are using?

Even if Johnson told wrong facts in the field of programming, I must say that 
Michael Devore is the wrong man to judge this.
It's a fact that his himem and emm386 clones are absolutely useless in a 
productive environment.
There are too many bugs concerning different types of hardware and freedos very 
often crashes when using emm386.
Using Jack R. Ellis qhimem and Uwe Sieber's umbpci is the only way to use 
Freedos with UMBs on nearly all kinds of harware by always using the same 
It's o.k. to ask why Jack is not going to give his sources to the freedos 
community, but this is up to him. If he doesn't want other people to have a 
look at qhimem code than it is allright.
But his memory manager is without any doubt the better and more reliable 
product for everydays use even if there are some features missing.

The worst thing is that Michael doesn't care about bug reports from the dos 
users that have problems running things like doom.
But what does he say in his emm386 help file:

You're all talking about the upcoming 1.0 release. And I made my contribution 
to get rid of bugs.
But no one cares.
Since I discovered the bug introduced in command.com 0.84pre2 that redirection 
of ouput to a file isn't possible anymore I hear nothing.
I sent different floppy images to Blair and Eric to reproduce the bug but 
nothing happens.
Statement from Blair: "I can't reproduce the bug by using qemu".
Statement from Eric: "I won't open any images at the moment".
Was it this hard to say: "Oh yes, you're right. I'm working on this." or is it 
Blair's last crusade to push Freedos to level 1.0 whatever will happen?

Did you ever try your own software without using an emulated environment like 
qemu which is still in beta state and additionally not able to reflect 
different hardware?

I know you have all spent a lot of your freetime at programming code for the 
freedos community and everyone using freedos won't forget.
But I think freedos development has come to an end. The euphoric mood of the 
last weeks about the upcoming 1.0 release is getting less and less as you can 
see by reading the postings on the list.

If the remaining developers still want to give release 1.0 a chance they should 
discuss things in a more better way.
Let's see where the project leads.

And if you are all angry now, you can kick my ass off the list.


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